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Your Best Creative Year 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused on how to plan your next year?  What to even focus on out of the million ideas you have?  How do you even start planning?  Your Best Creative Year 2021 is your guide to easily plan out your next year of projects.


What is Your Best Creative Year 2021?

Planning Roadmap

All the steps to planning out your creative projects for the next year. Just follow each days task to complete your 2021 creative plan. 

Align With Your Vision

Clear through the overwhelm of all your ideas. You'll figure out what you want to focus on , what is true to you, and the how to reach your goals.

Community and 1-1 Help

You can go it alone but you also have to option to plan with a community of creatives. Access to a facebook group with daily live videos to help guide you each day.  Live videos January 25th - 30th at 12pm EST.

Better yet, schedule a 1-1 Voxer day  of coaching with Creativity Coach Priscilla George to help you figure out your 2021 creative plan.

What are the options?

Free PDF

Want to plan 2021 on your own?

No community of creatives, no 1-1 help from a coach. This is the option for you!

You can go at your own pace and complete the 6 days of tasks on your own schedule. Each day you'll break down the what has worked, what hasn't, narrow down your ideas, and plan to reach your goals.

Receive a FREE PDF to your email outlining all the steps to take to plan Your Best Creative Year 2021. 

Claim Your

Live FB Community

Want to plan 2021 together with a group of creatives in a live 6 day event?  January 25th - 30th at 12 pm EST

You get access to a FB group where each day there will be a live video from Priscilla George, a working Artist and Creativity Coach, leading you through the days task and answering your questions.

Other creatives will be planning along with you. Ask questions and get opinions from creatives in the group who are planning their 2021 along side with you. 

1 time charge for a lifetime of access 
Includes FREE PDF and Live FB Community

Join The Community

1-1 Voxer Coaching

Need 1-1 help with your plan from a Creativity Coach?

Purchase 1 day of Voxer coaching from Priscilla George, a working Artist and Creativity Coach. Receive personalized support and guidance. If you want to make sure you aren't missing anything in your 2021 creative plan this is a great option for you. 

Voxer is an app you can use on your phone or desktop to text and leave voice messages. 

Includes FREE PDF and Live FB Community and 1-1 Voxer Coaching

1-1 Voxer Coaching $87

plan ahead for a successful year

Clear away the overwhelm of planning on your own. With Your Best Creative Year you'll be able to step into 2021 with confidence and focus that you'll reach your creative goals. 

Start Planning with your Free PDF


6 days worth of tasks to help you plan out your 2021 year. Filter through all your ideas, hopes, and dreams. Set your big goals and plan out the steps to accomplish them.  This FREE PDF will take you through ever step necessary to craft your perfect 2021 creative year. 

Day 1 - Reflect and Assess
Day 2 - Dream Big
Day 3 - Goals
Day 4 - Break it Down
Day 5 - Let It Sink In
Day 6 - Personal Care


Live FB Community

Join in planning for your next year together with a group of creatives. 6 days of Live videos lead by Artist and Creativity Coach, Priscilla George, as she guides you through each day while answering questions.

You get to talk to other creatives to get feedback on your plans, ideas, and create new connections. With a community of creatives you will have people who have experience in new areas you might be looking to step into or knowledge on how to grow and level up. 

The FB Group stays open all 2021 long so you can continue to connect and ask questions to your fellow creatives and review the live videos. 

Save the date 
 January 25th - 30th   Live videos each day 12pm EST
When you follow along with the live videos you get to ask Priscilla George, Artist and Creativity Coach, questions live. You can break through blocks and struggles in real time. Participating in the Live broadcast also keeps you on task to follow through with planning your best year yet. 

1 time fee for a lifetime of access

More About The FB CommunityJoin Now

1-1 Day of Voxer Coaching

1 day, 12 hours,  of 1-1 coaching where you can ask as many questions as you wish to help you with planning your best most aligned 2021 creative year.

Priscilla George, a working Artist and Creativity Coach will guide you in crafting the best creative plan for you. She will assist in giving you clarity on your creative direction, help you create the perfect goals, help you narrow down your millions of  ideas, and guide you in making the perfect aligned 2021 creative plan for you. No matter if you are creating for joy, starting your art business, or a seasoned professional a day of coaching can help you. 

What is Voxer?
Voxer is an app you can use on your phone or desktop to text and leave voice messages. 

Why Voxer and not a 1 hour video call?
A 1 hour video call means you have to get dressed, find a quiet part of your home, block off a portion of your day, and rush to get as much as you can out of that 1 hour. Then after the call you realize you have more questions! Voxer is great for the busy person on the go like moms and those with other jobs. You can leave text or leave a voice message when you have time. Then you are able to read over what your coach sends you or listen over and over again to the voice messages. A day of voxer gives you 12 hours to think of any questions that come up during the coaching time. You can leave a message whenever no matter how short or long. Getting that extra time to think of your answer or answer a question more thoughtfully. 

What can you get from 1-1 coaching that you cant get from the FB Community?
Customized help for your situation! How many times have you participated in a course with a community option only to be left with so many questions because you cant figure out how to apply it to yourself. Especially if you are an introvert it can be difficult to squeeze in all your questions amongst the more chatty members. Having a coach to ask your questions that pertain to your plan will help in finding areas that need adjusting or rethinking. Have you ever been asked after a class, "Do you have any questions" but at that moment not have any or not feel comfortable asking? When you have a coach you can ask all those questions and get personalized detailed answers. No generic simplified answers! Help with the part you really need assistance with!

This 1-1 day of Voxer Coaching is a steal. 
A combined value of over $1900

FREE PDF valued at $50

Over 12 hours of 1-1 coaching valued at +$1,800

Your day of Voxer coaching includes the private Live FB Community and Free PDF of Your Best Creative Year 2021.

You can sign up for Voxer Coaching any time of the year! It's never a bad time to start planning. 

More about Voxer CoachingSign Up Now

Kick overwhelm back into 2020

Start off you 2021 confident and filled with clarity on the actions you need to take to stay aligned and moving towards your creative goals

Meet your host Priscilla George
Artist and Creativity Coach

Priscilla George is a painter of vibrant animals and nature. Her artwork is saturated with color, wonder, whimsy and magic. She captures the world through the lens of the curious earth loving creative. She has been a full time working artist since 2012.

Throughout the years her artworks has been found in galleries, art exhibits, and shops across the eastern coast of the USA. Priscilla has had booths for several years in large art festivals like Artscape and Three Rivers. Her artwork is licensed through Curated American Artists.

She is a military wife, mother to a confident girl, and pet mom to 2 Shiba Inu dogs and 1 talking parakeet. Her days are spent painting, crafting, taking photographs, hiking, dog walking, visiting her favorite state Maine and helping others fulfill their creative dreams.  

Follow Priscilla on
IG - PriscillaGeorgeArt
FB - Priscilla George Fine Art
Website -

Frequently Asked Questions

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