Hi There!

I'm Priscilla George, a nature artists and creativity coach, based near Baltimore Maryland. What is a nature artist? Well, it's someone who loves to paint all things nature like plants and animals. I cant get enough of bright saturated colors and all living things on this planet. It is my calling to capture and share the beautiful world around me along with all the creatures in it.

What is Creativity Coaching?

Creativity Coaching is all about helping artists and creatives live their best creative life. I assist them in working past their creative struggles and implementing healthy creative habits. Things like creative blocks, limiting mindsets, expansive creative process, accountability, and unclear direction are some of the things I assist artists with. Having a creativity coach keeps artists from floundering while building their art business and getting past all the fear, worries, and uncertainty that show up along this path and back to doing what artist love most, creating art! You can find my coaching offers here. 

I send out a weekly creativity newsletter filled with ways to get past art blocks, a recap of my Instagram creative coaching posts, creative links from around the web, book recommendations, and podcast episodes worth listening to. 
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Where do you sell your work?

You can find my paintings and prints in my shop. I also have my art in several galleries around the US and in stores. Subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of my next art collect or follow me on Instagram or facebook . 

What Art Supplies do you use and recommend?
You can find all my art supplies recommendations here. 

I accept wholesale orders. Find more info about wholesale here or email me at hello@priscillageorge.com