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The Role of Trust and Intuition in Creativity

Beyond your skills in creating your craft you must hone your trust and intuition. These two skills are often overlooked and undervalued. Most of the creative weight is placed on skills like drawing, color theory, and composition. While those skills are important also, your inner skills have to equally be nourished.

Intuition comes from your subconscious mind filtering through all the knowledge and experience you have. It’s also your inner voice telling you exactly what you should do next.

Where does trust fit into this? Without trust your intuition can not flourish. Trust moves you along in your creative journey especially when you can not see results of your effort and choices right away. Trust is the gas in your engine. You can be in tune with your intuition but without trust you will stifle your intuition every time.


When you have trust and intuition implemented into your creative practice you experience..

⭐️ Confidence - You are certain and self assured in you abilities and choices. Wouldn't that be nice to feel confidence about not only your creative process but your output and whatever outcome occurs? Trust and intuitive will give you that creative confidence. Your intuition will lead you while trust will fuel you. 

👣 Clarity in your path - Know exactly where you are going in your creative journey. When you listen to your intuition it will guide you on a path that is only for you. You just have to follow it and what you need in order to do just that is trust. Trust in your path forward and the choices that you make along the way.

💕 Passion in your process - When you are working off of fear, worry, shoulds, someone else plans and strategies you will lose your creative passion. Specifically the passion in your process because you will become so driven by the results of your creativity that it'll steer you to make only calculated creative choices. You lose your curiosity and your connection to your intuition. It's dulls the trust you have in your intuitive powers and the passion you have building in you to do what you know feeds you creativity because you have lost focus on the process. Your intuition requires you to be process focused, your trust backs you up while you focus on what is best for your creative process 

😌 More ease and flow - It takes a lot of energy when you are pushing against the current of your creativity. If you are forcing your creations, forcing your actions, forcing your path you'll be exhausted each and every step of the way. When you lead with your intuition you don't have to force you don't even have to think. Remember intuition is your subconscious piecing together the wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated along the way. When you work with intuition it is natural it is effortless. Add in trust and you are zooming in your creative process. You'll be tapped into your flow state and the road to ease. 

 Deep connection to your creative spirit - When you feel disconnected from your creative self it's most likely because you have lost touch with your intuition. think of the last time you listened to it and followed its words. Creatives feel one with their creativity.  They are never separate from one another but just not communicating. When you allow your intuition to speak to you and you listen you create a stronger bond with your creative spirit. Add in trust with the intuition and it creates a relationship unlike any other. 

🧑‍🎨 Strong sense of self - Listening to your intuition and putting in all your trust you know exactly who you are, what you do, what steps to take, and you take action. You aren't easily wavered by the opinions of others. You aren't swayed by the posts you see of the success of other creatives or of methods that are different than yours. Being connected to intuition and trust give you a clear and strong sense of self. 

🙌 Fulfillment - You're feeling confident, creating with ease, in the flow, clear of your path, deeply connected to your creative spirit, and you know who you are and what you create. You are a fulfilled creative! Truly connected to the creative process. Shining your creative light and going with the ebbs and flows of life. Trust and Intuition being your guide and illuminating your life. 


If your trust and intuition is lacking you’ll find yourself feeling lost, confused, uncertain, always wavering, questioning every step , giving up, not putting in effort, and not staying focused.

❤️ How can you be confident in your creative process and path when you are looking for the answers and reassurance outside of yourself? ❤️

This is why trust and intuition is so important to creativity. It clears the fog and illuminates the way while giving your creativity exactly what it needs to function fully.



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the role of trust and intuition in creativity creative practice process art artist painter coach mento priscilla george
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