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How to reduce distractions while creating.

How can you feed your passions and not the distractions?

Have you found yourself constantly distracted? On your phone, watching videos, flicking between apps, avoiding all the things you say are important to you by using your time and energy on distractions!

Ways you can keep your distractions at bay.

Have an intention for the week/day - Setting a weekly intention helps you realign and stay focused throughout the week. When you find yourself feeling lost, bored, or uncertain, bring that intention to mind to get you back on track. An example of an intention for the week is " I aim to stay present each day" then when you feel the pull to distract yourself think of that intention and direct yourself to a better way to spend your time. 

Have a goal for the month - When you set 1 goal for the month you then have something to work towards. Goals have many steps that require time to complete and accumulate to completion. When you normally would fill your time with distractions as a result of uncertainty in your next steps, you can think of your goal and take action Creatives don't always distract themselves as avoidance of tasks but some times because they aren't clear on their next task or what they are even trying to pursue.

Work Sprints - If you get distracted because you are bored or avoiding the not fun things, then work sprints will help you. You block off 1-3 hours each day that you put away all your devices and work straight through that time. Then you don't have to worry about a 4-8 hour work time. You can work super focused and then allow yourself to rest and have fun. 

Create barriers for your distractions - Distractions are distracting because they are easy. Making it harder to entertain your desired distractions is the best way to curb them from interfering with your days. Putting your phone in a whole other room. Flipping your phone so you can't see notifications. Adding time limits to your most distracting apps. Using a visualizer on your computer so you don't tab hop. Starting off your day with nourishing activities like journaling, reading, sketching vs watching videos, tv, or being on your phone. If you can find a way to make distracting yourself hard and replace it with something easy your distractions lose their usefulness

Timer Training - Is your attention span small? Retrain yourself by using a timer. You can use a cube timer like this one.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and see if you can focus the entire time without feeling the need to distract yourself. Increase your timer by 15 minutes until you can focus for 60 minutes without itching to reach your favorite distractions. You can then stop using the timer until you feel you need to retrain again.  This is also a great way to treat yourself and set a time where you are allowed to indulge in distractions.

Communicate with those around you - Sometimes you can blame everyone around you for distractions. Have you told those who you find are causing distractions that you are currently working and are to not be disturbed? If you don't communicate that you are about to do a work sprint then you can't be upset when someone interrupts you. Wear headphones if there is too much noise. Try to utilize the quieter times if there are any. 


There are many more creatives get distracted and distract themselves. These should get you started on your path of distraction free creating. Even just being mindful that you are gravitating towards distractions will help you start to make changes. 

Being aware is the first step to implementing change in your creative practice. Once you are aware then you notice when behaviors you don't like repeat. It takes time to find ways to implement new changes. Give yourself time and keep trying new ways to make distractions less appealing to you.


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how to reduce distractions while creating artist art creative creativity coach mentor priscilla george coaching
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