7 Reasons Everyone Should Keep A Sketchbook.

7 Reasons Everyone Should Keep A Sketchbook.

When you think of a sketchbook you think of an artist. What if I told you that even nonartists should carry sketchbooks? I bet you are thinking...BUT I CAN'T DRAW! Here I am too tell you that you are wrong. You can draw but you have it in your head that you can't.  Drawing is all about seeing and I'm pretty sure you can see. 

Let's get down to the reasons why you should keep a sketchbook.

1. Visual Diary- This is the best and number one reason why! Even if you like writing, having a visual diary makes it fun and impactful. You can look back quickly through your sketchbook and memories will come flooding back to you.

2. Help Your Memory- You know how they say if you write things down you remember it better? Well if you draw them out you remember them even more! If you are going on a trip, or taking notes, or writing a recipe, draw them out. By drawing it you take the time to look and study and think about the moment and the thing you are drawing. 

3. Way Better Than Scrapbooking- Lets be truthful here. How many times have you started a scrapbook and then gave up or forgot? Yeah, there was too much to buy, all those photos to get printed off and making captions and then arrange it all pretty. Psh, just carry your sketchbook, some pencils and whatever medium of choice and you can still stick photos in there. 

4. Relax and De-Stress- Sure coloring pages are trendy right now for their de-stressing quality. Sketchbooks are the same but you control the content and you can make it all about you and your life. 
5. Recipe Book- Don't travel or get out much but love to cook? OMG, then sketch out your recipes! Draw out your mother's famous quiche recipe, each ingredient in an adorable little fashion. Imagine passing an illustrated recipe book down generations. 

6. Food Diary- If you want to go on a diet draw out your food. Trust me your coffee will be cold, your meals will be icy, and your ice will be melted. Your food won't be so tasty anymore. Or you can just draw food because it's pretty and tasty...but first, take a photo, eat it and then draw from your photo. 

7. Travel Book- Have you gone on a vacation and felt like you rushed around and didn't get to just relax and enjoy. If you sketch out your scenes it will make you take the time to absorb instead of being in that touristy rush. Then at the end, you will have this awesome journal of your travels. 


There are so many reasons for keeping a sketchbook. Trust me when I say that You Can Do It! You drawing will get better with practice, start each item out with simple shapes, add the details in last and then a splash of color. 
Now go out and have fun!
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Love this! I am trying to do this. even bought one special for vacation… but did I use it?…. ugh. trying again.


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