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Priscilla George Fine Art

Mini Abstract Artist Affirmation Cards - Meteor Dust

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A mini handpainted deck filled with artist affirmations. Each card is unique with colorful abstract artworks on the back and artist affirmations on the other side. This deck features the color palette Meteor Dust - Muted shades of plum mingle among denim hues with slashes of sage, accents of yellow oxide and cream, and then topped with a splash of dusty mauve and ivory black. 


How to use this deck?
Shuffle the deck and each day pull an affirmation to guide to. Feeling doubt or creative block, pull a card to help you get back on track. Use this deck as an oracle deck in your daily tarot readings. You can also use the artworks as inspiration for your own abstract creations. 

Mini Deck
1.75"x 2.5"
60 Cards