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Creative BFF - 1 on 1 Creative Coaching October 2020

$1,200.00 $500.00

Creative BFF - 1 on 1 Creative Coaching October 2020

$1,200.00 $500.00

3 spots open for October!

1 on 1 coaching for 1 month/ 4 weeks 

Schedule your free 15min connection call and see if Creative BFF is the perfect fit for you.


Creative BFF is a 1 on 1 Creative Coaching program that takes you from stuck and confused to clear, confident, and on your way to reaching the next level in your art journey. 

Have a real working artist help you reach your creative dreams not just an all-around business coach that doesn't understand the barriers of artists and creatives. 

What you get with Creative BFF

  • 1 month of Support
  • 4 videos calls, each 1 hour long that will be used to assess your goals your progress, and what actions you need to take to get to your goal and the barriers you need to break to get there
  • 24/7 access to me through whatever platform you are comfortable using. Text, DM, email, and messenger you can contact me at any time with a question, advice, critiques,  or if you find yourself facing a mindset block. I'm always here like a BFF would be to get you through the tough times and keep you moving forward. 
  • Customized program just for you and your specific creative goal. 
  • Action steps that will make it clear for you to move forward.  
  • Helpful Tools and Systems to assist you in being the best creative you can be. 


No creative goal is too big or small!

Your goal could be

  • Making more art
  • Using your sketchbook
  • Creating a collection
  • Growing your art account and social media
  • Advancing your art business
  • Expanding your art skills
  • Working past creative blocks


This is an intensive 1 month coaching program!

If you are ready to do the work and are tired of floundering or find yourself experiencing the same creative issues over and over again Creative BFF is the right coaching program to kick your rear into high gear. Get ready to say yes and put your brush to canvas. Not a one size fits all formula! Custom crafted to suit you, your creative goals, and overcome your personal barriers.


I’ll be here every step of the way to steer you, help move you past creative roadblocks, and break through mindset barriers. As an artist for 15 years I've experienced all these creative issues and business flubs. I've also helped many artists over this time to progress creatively and excel in their art businesses. 


24/7 access to me through your preferred method of contact. Text, email, DM, messenger. Whenever you have a question or are facing a problem and need direction just message me like you would a BFF. I'll help you get through that problem when it happens and not a week or two later. 


4 video calls to help direct you toward your creative endeavors and address any issues along the way. The first call I'll get to know you and your goal and give your custom-crafted plan to get you on your way to knocking your creative goals out of the park.  The next 2 calls are to assess any need to pivot and give you tools and systems to blast through barriers you are facing and keep you in that creative flow state. The last video call is a wrap up and a projected plan to keep you going so you aren't left high and dry.


I’ll be with you each step of the way because of the low amount of coaching clients I take you won’t feel rushed or like a number. Each month there are only 3 spots. You are my priority! 


You will get persistence and productivity practices that work for you. We all have certain methods of working that make us the best version of ourselves. Often it takes an external eye and self-reflecting to see how we are hindering our creative efforts. I'll get you working smarter not harder while helping you move out of your own way. 


This is perfect for you if

  • You are tired of always saying you want to make more art but never do.
  • There is a project you’ve always wanted to create but don’t even know where to start.
  • You start off strong creating but then lose momentum and wish you had someone to keep you accountable and focused while helping you see your blocks.
  • You want to figure out how all these artists do it. Social media, paint all the time, take photos, and look like they got it all under control. You want to know the inner workings and get on that level. 
  • You have so many questions and ideas that are keeping you from creating. You need someone to give you direction, diminish overwhelm, and provide clarity.


How is this different from other coaching programs?

  • This is not a one size fits all! Completely personalized to you and your goal. You won’t be lumped with a group of people and your content and coaching won’t be generalized, you won’t have to wait for a once a month live call to hopefully ask 1 question that gets answered on a surface level.
  • Custom fit action plan for you!
  • 24/7 access to me so you don’t have to wait a week or two to discuss something and hope you remember by then. Contact me right away with your question or if you get stuck and need some immediate guidance.
  • Clear action plans and methods to work with your own personal blocks. You’ll get tips and tricks on squashing the issues before they start and methods to work the best for your personality. All tailored for artists!
  • Treat me like your creative BFF I’m here to cheer you and help you out no matter what. you won't have to wait forever to talk about your problems in a small window of time. 
  • Coaching from an experienced artist who has been there and knows exactly the problems you are facing and ways to work through them. Not just a life coach who has no idea how an artist brain works or a business coach who deals with service-based businesses but not product-based businesses.